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The Rationale 

It is important to begin to remove the initial barriers of generational trauma by providing professional services for Aboriginal people by Aboriginal people. Through this professional Indigenous approach to programs and services, we help our people remember, restore and renew their traditional teachings and values; thereby, bringing balance and wellness back into their lifestyle. Only then, can we truly assist our people in moving forward with their lives in the sense of education and career development.

Traditionally, in the tipi, everyone is valued equally; therefore through provision of an egalitarian neighborhood environment that values everyone in the community equally; and where people practice the sacred values that provide one with the direction, guidance, knowledge and wisdom that they need in life; only then, has one the opportunity to be valued for who they are, and the ability to clearly move forward with their lives.

Reach Out

Work with members in your community and make a difference

Vision- To walk with all our relatives on the Red Road of life by remembering, renewing and restoring our traditional roles and values that bring life; so as to continually move forward, 'in a healthy way,' as Indigenous People

Path - We do this through providing professional social, educational, legal and health services through an existing cultural, grassroots, community based agency; that provides a spectrum of wholistic services for children, youth, adults and families of the West-end community.




The Red Road Healing Society is a not for profit Child and Family Resource Center that is accessible, friendly, safe, warm, welcoming and free. This wholistic wellness programming provided for children, youth and families, utilizes a variety of indigenous cultural perspectives, knowledge and practices.

In the West-End area of Edmonton and throughout Turtle Island, there is a high population of Aboriginal children, youth families and individuals who are suffering from the effects of multigenerational trauma as a result of residential schools, colonization, relocation, smallpox, inflicted Christianity and loss of Culture.

Our goal is to reduce the abuse, apathy, isolation, low self esteem, stress, grief addiction, violence and general pain in our peoples' lives (Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal). We strive to increase our participants' knowledge of Indigenous peoples' educational, health, legal, psychological and social life ways, rights, values and beliefs through cultural lens.




Working Together To Remember, Restore and Renew Our Traditional Roles As Indigenous People

The Red Road Healing Society