Joanne Pompana
Legal Administrator

Clifford Pompana

​Community Elder

Carmen Severight

Family Worker

Cecilia Cragg

​Youth Intervention

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Working in the community

Agency History

Martha Leblanc
Office Adminstrator

  1. 1997 - The Red Road Healing Society was formed. First round dance in October. 
  2. 1999 - November we had a "drum a thon" for raising awareness for Leonard Peltier still being imprisoned.
  3. 2000 - Formed our first Akicita Youth Program that later developed their own "not for profit" society and clothing line that is still around today.
  4. 2005 - In the spring, The Red Road Healing Society hosted their first Honouring our Veterans Round Dance at the old Friendship location.
  5. 2007 - In November at the annual Round Dance, The Red Road Healing Society was presented with their Accreditation being the first Aboriginal agency to get accreditation the first time through.

Clifford Pompana

The Red Road Healing Society

Clifford Pompana

Brenda Severight
Adolescent Family Facilitator

mission & vision

To walk with all our relations on the Red Road of life by remembering, renewing and restoring our traditional roles and values that brings life

Working Together To Remember, Restore and Renew Our Traditional Roles As Indigenous People


The Red Road Healing Society has a lot of information of various events and friends who have contributed Find out how to become our partner


The Red Road Healing Society offers a variety of programs and services throughout the year; in the day and evening, that are delivered from a cultural grassroots perspective

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